Bob Patrick - Successful Internet Marketer

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Bob Patrick - Successful Internet Marketer

Hi, I’m Bob Patrick I consider myself a fairly successful internet marketer that went from sleeping on my friend’s couch to traveling and working around the world. When I actually got started 10 years ago I struggled to figure out how exactly people were making money online. Everything I tried didn’t work. At the beginning I was taught email marketing and was told to build a list of leads and market to those people, yet when I tried, I struggled for years. Nothing I did worked and it was painfully slow.

After a while I sought out new ideas and new methods that would help me live my dreams and really make a ton of money online. That’s when I discovered commercial email marketing. Which is what big corporations and companies do to monetize their huge list of email addresses. Since discovering this one little technique I’ve gone on to make hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars online.

Now, I travel (a ton), around the world teach my marketing training, techniques and share my unique softwares that have helped change my life forever. I’m proud to say I have thousands of students that follow me and I personally feel like I’m quickly growing into an internet celebrity that is actually helping people achieve their goals and dreams. Which is a good feeling to have!

I work one on one with others as well with groups of internet entrepreneurs to help them structure, grow and scale their businesses to levels most never dream is possible. Whether you’re a complete amature and this is your first day, month or year online or you’re a seasoned pro you too can pick up tips tricks and techniques that I teach that can change your business for ever. Honestly, my insights and methods are not from reading a book, it’s from being in the field, testing, tweaking and discovering for myself what works and what doesn’t. This took years of struggle and hard work.

I’ve always said, learning from someone who’s experienced is better than going in blind and experiencing it for yourself, it can really open your eyes to what’s truly possible. My pride myself in my trainings. I make sure my trainings are thorough and indepth so you’re never left with asking yourself “what’s next” nor do you have to go seeking for additional answers after you go through my products or use my software. Customer satisfaction is one of my highest priorities because I know without you, my customer, clients and students, I wouldn’t be where where I am today. My goal is for you to achieve success and I do my best to shows that through my transparency in my live trainings, teachings and video programs that I delivers.

Come work with me, learn from me and let me help you change your life for ever.

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